Seamus Keating


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An experienced finance and technology leader, Seamus Keating has experience in both the public and private sectors. A management accountant (FCMA), he was one of the youngest CFO’s in the FTSE and later made the transition to COO and regional CEO at Logica plc. Since leaving Logica in 2012, he has been using his experience on a varied portfolio of interests in the public and private equity markets.


Throughout his career, he has taken roles that were significant steps up in scale and global responsibility. He has been successful by hiring people whom he believed were stronger than him, building relationships across organisations and establishing trust and commitment in teams. He defines leadership as “the willingness of others to follow” and he encourages leaders always to be aware of their impact on those around them.


Seamus began his career as an Executive Officer in the Irish public sector where he studied accounting. He moved to London in 1989 to complete his studies and to join the Olivetti Group. He became CFO of Olivetti’s UK operations in 1995 covering hardware, software, systems integration and outsourcing. Two years later, he moved to Italy to take the role of CFO of Olivetti Solutions, a $2.4bn global business, and played a major role in the restructuring and eventual disposal of that business unit to Wang in the United States. He joined Logica in 1999 as the IT world was expanding at lightning speed with the combination of Y2K and the internet bubble. After the party came the recession and the realisation that scale was critical to the continued success of the group. As CFO from 2002 to 2010, he played a lead role in the development of Logica into a major £4bn European technology business through a combination of acquisitions and investment for organic growth.
In 2010, he made the transition to Group COO and he moved to the Netherlands to take the additional responsibility of restructuring the Benelux region prior to the sale of Logica plc to CGI of Canada.


He believes physical fitness is an important contributor to confidence and success. He is a keen runner and having completed the New York marathon and many half-marathons. He is the chief critic for his wife’s wine import business and many holidays take in a combination of wine and golf.