Frank Pedersen


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A seasoned executive with more than 20 years experience in building and running businesses around the world, Frank Pedersen brings a view of what company leaders need to run their businesses in today’s fast changing and global environment. He has led fundamental business transformations, including margin growth amid market consolidation and product creation to meet new market opportunities and changes in several businesses in South East Asia, Europe and the USA. Frank’s most recent position was CEO of Siemens Security Solution.


When working with clients Frank uses both his business and coaching experience in order to find out exactly how the client can have the highest impact in a given situation. Having worked his whole business life outside of his home country of Denmark, he knows the challenges people are facing in today’s global world. Frank is a hands-on executive and coach who is constantly looking for ways to improve and create impact.


Frank started his career as commissioning engineer on construction sites around the world. Frank has worked in various sectors including: Transport, Building Technology, Logistics, Energy and Chem-Pharma. He has worked both with product, solution and services as well as Hardware and Software. Holding various positions, in 2008 Frank became CEO of Siemens Security Solution, a 1bn Euro business with operations in 50 countries. In the midst of the financial crisis he steered the business through a turnaround making it profitable and cash positive at the end of 2009. This was primarily done by getting the people to focus on their inherent strengths and passion.


Frank has been married to Martina since 1994 and they have two children. His interests are golf, skiing, wine and reading. He also enjoys walking on the west coast of his native Denmark where he and his family spend their summers. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark, a Business Degree from Duke Fuqua School of Business and is also a certified coach for organisations from Ashridge Business School in the UK.

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