Pat Chapman-Pincher


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Pat became a mentor because she believes that while being a CEO is one of the most interesting and exciting, it is also one of the hardest and loneliest jobs in the world and a partnership with a good mentor can transform the experience. She is one of the most successful women in the global communications industry. In a career spanning more than 40 years she has been responsible for creating and growing global companies in the telecoms and Internet sector. She has participated in start-ups of small technology companies and has board level experience in both large and small companies. 


Pat works with C-level leaders to help them realise their full career potential. She brings a lifetime of experience to help companies dealing with the strategic challenges of technology change, growth, M&A and integration in a multinational environment and to help leaders deal with rapid change in an uncertain world. 


Pat’s fast-track career started with IBM, at BT she was part of the start-up of BT Mobile and other leading edge technologies. She has a knack of predicting the future of technology businesses and famously told a disbelieving BT board that 1m people would have mobile phones within five years. As President at UUNET International, (now MCI/Verizon), Pat took the company from start-up to $1bn operation in 25 countries, run by a multi-national team of young managers. Since 2002 Pat has been pursuing a portfolio career combining mentoring, consultancy and Chairman and NED roles in both the profit and the not-for-profit sectors. 


Pat started her academic career with a BA in History, a Masters in Environmental Studies and is currently studying for a Masters in Coaching and Mentoring. Pat lives in Oxford and France with her husband Jeremy who restores antiquarian clocks. In her spare time she loves travelling singing and skiing, but most of all spends time with children, grandchildren and friends. 

Leadership Moments

“The Decisions That Keep You Awake at Night.”​ This is the Job of Leaders.

“Great leaders are there to take the really difficult decisions, and generally they’re the decisions for which neither outcome is necessarily going to be a good one.”

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