John Schuster

Coaching Advisor

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John Schuster is a noted author, professor, and entrepreneur. He brings more than 30 years of private and public sector experience where he has been recognized for connecting soft people skills with hard business results. At Merryck & Co, he has mentored Fortune 250 executives in the global energy, manufacturing, engineering, construction and biotech industries.


In addition to his work at Merryck & Co, Schuster is a founding faculty member of Columbia University’s Coach Certification Program and serves on the faculty of the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara. He is a board member of the Jung Association of Central Ohio and Whole Child International, devoted to improving the lives of orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected children worldwide.

He has authored numerous articles and five books on personal growth, management, and leadership, including, The Power of Your Past, Answering Your Call, The Power of Open-Book Management, Open‐Book Management Field Book, and Hum‐Drum to Hot‐Diggity on Leadership.

Earlier in his career, Schuster successfully built, grew, and sold two professional services firms which had a track record of collaborating with Inc. magazine as they promoted growth‐oriented business‐savvy corporate cultures. From this experience, Schuster and his team built a business finance simulation tool that has been used by more than 500,000 people in high‐growth businesses, MBA programs, and clients such as GE, Harley Davidson, EDS, and Sprint.


Schuster holds both a BA and MA in English from Xavier University and graduated summa cum laude. He recently earned a master’s degree in psychology from Saybrook University. He is married with two sons and several grandchildren.

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