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Andrew has had a variety of roles from CEO, to administrative, finance, marketing and frontline sales with experience in working with different cultures (North America/Europe/Asia) with fluent German and competent French. He has a wide range of experience having worked in consumer and healthcare businesses from ‘large corporate’ to ‘start-up’ and was the former CEO of Olympus Switzerland and head of Olympus Diagnostics. He established a company dedicated to reducing the impact of business on the environment while reducing overhead costs. Andrew is a Mentor at Merryck & Co, whose mission is to unleash potential in senior business leaders and their organisations.


Andrew is passionate about the impact of exceptional leadership within organisations because great leaders build on their strengths to deliver twice the profits generated by ‘good’ business leaders. Clients and colleagues value Andrew’s ability to cut quickly to the heart of the matter and empathise with their situations. He believes in helping leaders understand who they uniquely are to the world, at work and at home.


After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, (Price Waterhouse), Andrew spent 10 years as Finance Director of Olympus UK. In his first CEO role, he led the Microscope business, increasing sales and profits by 50% in two years. After a successful business turnaround, as CEO of Olympus Switzerland, Andrew went on to head up the Diagnostic business (large blood analysers), helping to grow the business over 30% per annum over 3 years. Following this Andrew conceived and built a new global business in electronic blood transfusion safety. Initially created as a means of differentiating the £300m Diagnostic business, Osyris blood transfusion systems continue to lead as a best practice model for patient safety throughout the world. In 2006, Andrew was a pioneer in establishing a business dedicated to reduce the impact of business on the environment while reducing overhead cost. He continues to be passionate about sustainable business, actively supporting the GRLI (Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative) of which Merryck is a founder member.


Andrew is Chairman of Romford YMCA and chairs the YMCA England nominations committee. He is married to Anne, whom he met at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. They have 3 children, various pets and a 1963 Triumph Vitesse convertible.