B2B-Services Company Private Equity Backed


Accelerate growth, expand business model to include B2C: First-time CEO (external hire) in firsttime PE portfolio context, leading inherited team with mixed performance. Two months into job, largest corporate client canceled contract.


Provided one-to-one mentoring for CEO, thinking through business model shift and the leadership roles required to drive that change. Helped CEO navigate revenue crisis calmly, thinking through the right acquisitions for the top team and creating more valuable board meetings.


  • CEO successfully transitioned from public-company BU President to PE portfolio company CEO
  • Successfully changed-out 3 of top 7 leadership positions — major talent upgrades — and aligned team around goals, measures & accountabilities
  • Arrested the revenue slide, diversified customer mix, and recommenced growth in second year of CEO tenure
  • CEO joined larger organization as BU leader, within 12 months named as CEO, North America of acquiring organization.