Meredith Hellicar


Executive Chairman, Australia Management, Client Service & Operations

Executive Chairman Governance

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Meredith’s senior executive career has included several Managing Director and CEO roles, including TNT Logistics Asia, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, and InTech Financial Services as well as line, strategic and functional roles. Her non-executive career has included the Chairmanship of Australian public and private companies, international boards and committees. She has worked in the telecommunications, energy, resources, logistics, leisure, environment, airport, professional services and financial services sectors and with companies based in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe.


Meredith strives to make the greatest difference by inspiring CEOs, directors and C-suite executives about the need for resilience, optimism, strong values and peripheral and long distance vision whilst delivering on business performance expectations. This also includes ensuring they take regular time to think and challenge their own and others’ thinking in order to deal with disruptive events and turn them into opportunities to enhance their own and their team’s leadership impact, business strategy and operational performance.


As an executive, Meredith has successfully led several significant business start- ups and transformations  (strategic, cultural and operational). As a mentor, she has  undertaken a broad range of individual and team mentoring engagements  which drew on the breadth and depth of her own leadership and business experience in order to help improve the impact  of her clients on the performance of their businesses and the experiences of their own clients, customers and staff. She has had extensive executive experience in major listed, multinational and privately owned companies and most enjoyed releasing the full potential of those with whom she has worked. Meredith led TNT Logistics’ Asia expansion, building businesses in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and Corrs’ merger of five businesses into one national top tier law firm. She assumed the Chairmanship of James Hardie Limited NV in 2004, when the company was in a deep and very public crisis, and ensured ongoing shareholder and stakeholder support for the company, a change in executive leadership and Board composition, and the delivery of a sustainable and ground-breaking asbestos compensation settlement.  Meredith was a member of the Australian Delegation that negotiated the UN Convention on Climate Change and was awarded a Centenary Medal for her contribution to Australian Society in Business Leadership.


Meredith loves the ballet, theatre, the Swans and her voluntary work for Lifeline . She and her husband are blessed with their daughter, Amelia.

Leadership Moments

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“I’m always struck by how businesses are so often portrayed as being hard-hearted and ruthless. But human beings are overly loyal – to their companies, to the people who work for them, and to their bosses.”

In her interview with Merryck’s Adam Bryant, Meredith shares insights on knowing when it’s time to leave a company or when it’s time to let someone go. Click here to read more.