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Mark Gumz is a transformational CEO and board director. He brings more than 30 years of experience in international trade and e-business while driving revenue, profitability, and net operating growth in fast-paced global companies. At Merryck & Co, he has worked with Fortune 250 C-suite executives in the technology, insurance, and energy sectors.


In addition to his work at Merryck & Co, Gumz serves on the executive committee as a vice chair and board trustee at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, a nationally recognized rehabilitation leader.

As president and CEO of Olympus Corporation of the Americas (OCA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation in Japan, Gumz successfully transformed the organization. Recognized as a global pioneer in groundbreaking technologies for nearly a century, OCA doubled its revenue, and net operating income grew by more than 1,000% on existing businesses during Gumz’s 11-year tenure. Under his leadership, he broke down silos for greater efficiency and spearheaded financial and operational policies focused on improving the customer experience to increase brand loyalty. He has a proven track record in strategy development, process improvement, change management, startup initiatives and innovative program development.

In addition to his role as CEO, Gumz served as president and COO of Olympus America Inc. He was also named an Executive Managing Officer of Olympus Corporation, the first American to achieve this distinction, and served in the global management office for the parent company.

Gumz began his career with GE and held management positions with the Marubeni America Corporation and Sankyo Seiki Co. He also ran his own international trading company for nearly 15 years.


Gumz holds a bachelor of arts degree in humanities from The Ohio State University. Gumz is married with three grown children.

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