Craig Dunn


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Craig Dunn has had significant achievements in a range of senior executive roles, with substantial experience in leading financial services businesses, growth and strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, business integration and transformation, and working closely with regulators in various countries.


Craig has a strong reputation in leading successful change and in developing people and very effectively managed his own transition from divisional to group CEO. He has worked with his own mentor during his executive career and brings an exceptional ability to relate to, and support, those he mentors and enable them to benefit from his extensive experience and valuable expertise in a wide range of situations in ways which are both compelling yet humble.


As CEO and Managing Director of AMP Limited Group between 2008 and 2013, Craig led Australia’s largest non-bank financial institution through the global financial crisis, addressed regulatory change, built its international presence, successfully led the acquisition of AXA Australia, built greater customer orientation and drove cultural change particularly in the areas of talent development and gender diversity. Prior to this role, Craig was Managing Director, AMP Financial Services for five years. He joined AMP in January 2000 and held a number of senior roles, including Head of Group Strategy and M&A and Managing Director of AMP Bank. Before joining AMP, he was Chief Executive Officer of a Malaysian-based insurance company, a joint venture of Colonial Limited Group. His earlier career at KPMG included assignments to their International HQ in Amsterdam and to Indonesia. He was a Panel Member of the Australian Government’s 2014 Financial System Inquiry, a Board Member and former Chairman of the Investment and Financial Services Association, now the Financial Services Council and a member of the Consumer and Financial Literacy Taskforce. He is currently a non-executive director of both Westpac and Telstra, and also chair of The Australian Ballet and Stone & Chalk (Sydney’s leading Fintech incubator).


Craig is married with three children. He enjoys travelling, reading, swimming, gardening, watching all sports (especially Australian Rules football), going to the ballet and has recently taken up motorcycle riding.

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