New CEO of a $4B company looking to reset the culture of this global company to better execute on the new strategy communicated to investors. The company retained many elements of its previous culture that were serving as blockers in the company’s disruptive industry environment. Specifically, the business operated in silos and, despite spending significant money on R&D, new innovations were not delivering commercial value at the pace the strategy required.

Merryck Support

Working with the leadership team and HR, we customized a Culture Values Assessment (CVA) to assess current culture and demonstrate what employees viewed as the desired culture. Ran a focus group and helped HR shape additional focus groups to gain insights and tested a number of insights Merryck had uncovered through previous interviews completed. We also assessed the impact the old company legacy was having on employees. Collaborating with HR, we then developed a report that:

  • Confirmed which values truly resonated with employees, and why
  • Re-worked existing values where strategic impact was lacking
  • Developed new strategy-driving behaviors for leadership that aligned to the values
  • Used the insights to develop an employee value proposition

Business Impact

The leadership team rallied around the work and used it as a springboard to demonstrate the right behaviors required to win. After cascading the values and behaviors through the organization, there have been noticeable changes in the culture of the company that has fostered collaboration, that recently yielded new innovations in the marketplace. Many silos are breaking down and the company has been demonstrating stronger financial performance. Moreover, employee engagement scores have increased to record levels and employee reviews of management on sites like Glassdoor have been extremely positive.