Creating a Lasting Legacy


The client had worked with Merryck & Co in a previous role in this international energy provider and had now taken on the new role of UK CEO. This is a successful, stable business and the key question that emerged was around how the new CEO could leave his mark on the company in away that held true to the existing values and that maintained the record of successful growth.


The new role was the first time that the client had been truly exposed in the most senior job to the attentions of the public, the regulators and the shareholders. There was an expectation internally of a new strategic direction and a new style of leadership, and evidence externally of an increasingly competitive consumer market lacking in differentiation. The key enquiry centred on what core values the new CEO would champion and on what lasting legacy he would leave behind. The idea emerged of a new positioning around a revolution in consumer service, value and clear communication.


The business has been re-engineered to enable the delivery of pioneering customer service, simplification of pricing and straightforward communication. It has become the distinct consumer champion with the highest levels of consumer preference in a market that is largely commoditised.