September 23rd, 2020

Quick and Nimble Keynote Speech at Carnival Cruise Line

On September 23, Adam Bryant will be speaking to the guest services team at Carnival Cruise Line in Miami, Florida. This is the third time Adam has spoke at Carnival. He will be delivering a keynote on Quick and Nimble and drawing on his interviews with more than 525 hundred CEOs to offer business leaders the wisdom and guidance to move an organization faster, to be quick and nimble, and to rekindle the whatever-it-takes collective spark of a start-up workplace, all with the goal of innovating and thriving in a relentlessly challenging global economy. By analyzing the lessons that these leaders have shared in his regular “Corner Office” feature in The New York Times, Bryant has identified the biggest drivers of corporate culture, bringing them to life with real-world examples that reflect this hard-earned wisdom.