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A Different Approach to Leadership Development

We are a global firm of experienced CEOs and global business leaders who specialize in an organization’s most valuable strategic asset: Leadership.

About Us

Who We Serve

  • Leaders
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An Operator’s Lens

We bring hard-won wisdom to every engagement

What We Do

Senior Executive Development

One-to-one executive mentoring and coaching to help accelerate a senior leader’s performance against today’s strategy and prepare them to deliver on tomorrow’s strategy


Return on succession

Assisting boards in the high-stakes, mission-critical responsibility of succession planning

Emerging Leaders Development

Equipping emerging leaders for next-level challenges

High-Performing Teams

Helping teams align around strategy and behaviors to execute faster and respond to the inevitable challenges of constant disruption in order to adapt for the future

Enterprise Transformation

Enabling organizations to more effectively execute their transformation strategies

Accelerating leadership impact

What Makes Us Different

Our People

Experienced in business and trained in the non-directive Merryck Methodology, our mentors/coaches offer an unparalleled skill set that combines empathy and courage to push clients to new thinking and a steady hand to help them generate practical insights to expand their leadership impact.

  • 425+Board positions held

  • 400+private and public companies where our mentors have held executive roles

  • CXOWe’ve held every role in the C-Suite

Our Approach

Are you getting your Leadership Return on Strategy®? Our approach is customized, measurable, impactful, and grounded in the leadership implications of the strategy.

Our Impact

Merryck’s work creates the greatest value at key pivot points in the evolution of a leader’s career, a leadership team’s development, or the evolution of the business. As enterprises transform, we have become integral partners in helping to rapidly instill a new leadership "muscle memory" in the high potential leaders of tomorrow.

Our Scale

No other firm can match our ability to deliver across a global scale with the collective experience of executives who bring an operator’s lens to leadership development. Our breadth and depth means we can deliver an experience that reflects global knowledge and insights.

  • Operated in 90+ Countries

  • Mentored in 40+ Countries

What our clients say

Senior Executive Development

“My Merryck experience made a difference to how I addressed the change. It didn’t change my strategy, necessarily, but it changed how I carried out that strategy. How I worked the change, the sequencing of what I did, when. My mentor was patient and persistent. I kept going for two years because he added real value.”

Global Practice Leader, Professional Services Firm


“I’ve exited some talent and brought in some bigger talent. But I’ve also learned to get more out of my talent. It’s been motivating to the people who are here. It’s repositioned me as a leader, but it’s also repositioned why people want to be here. My mentor didn’t tell me what to do, but encouraged me to think differently about my staff and those around me.”

Chairman, President and CEO, Japan, Fortune 50 Global Insurer

Emerging Leaders Development

“My mentor definitely influenced how I show up, engage, on-board, and communicate with my team. Even before moving into my new role, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to influence key stakeholders, approach conversations, and how to position my interactions with the CEO. That was extremely useful. I changed how I show up and work with the team and the CEO.”

Director of National Field Service, One of the Largest Youth Organizations in the US

High Performing Teams

“A game-changer. Merryck’s experience and approach pushed us as a team. We learned more about each other than I thought possible and have been clicking ever since. We keep bringing them back to help us grow even more which the team looks forward to.”

CEO, Private Equity Portfolio Company

Enterprise Transformation

“One of the biggest changes I made to the business is changing how I think about the role. I shifted from, ‘This is my job, and I need to accomplish these tasks,’ to setting up the systems, processes, and culture so others can accomplish the tasks. That was a big change and a very good thing.”

COO, Educational Non-Profit

High Performing Teams

The 360 and user manual were great. To hear how others perceive me was helpful. It changed my thinking and my approach from a senior leadership team standpoint and how we were looking at things. It also created a greater desire and realization that we need to be a better, higher-performing team. We have a lot of great individuals, but the gap between that and what we could be as a team became apparent.

EVP Operations, Digital, & Technology, Leading Global Foodservice Retailer

Emerging Leaders Development

The diverse leader accelerator has been a phenomenal experience, not only my individual experience, but what Merryck was able to do with customization. Merryck’s amazing diverse talent really connected with our participants and it makes a whole world of difference. We’re hitting not only leadership development, but also connecting at a whole new level as a company. It’s a tremendous value add to the individuals and we’re so pleased as an organization as well.

Fortune 50 Company Leader and Cohort Participant

Emerging Leaders Development

I’ve driven accountability across my organization. My mentor helped me focus. I had a tendency to go into conversations and talk about what’s on fire today. There’s some value in that, but you don’t make much progress. I started to structure meetings similarly to my mentor’s conversations with me: ‘Here’s what you said you’d do, let’s review. Here’s what I expect to achieve with this conversation, and here are the outcomes we’ll review next time we meet.’ My team has come to expect that from me.

Regional President, North Highland


My mentor helped me ensure I was working on the right things and managing at scale. That was critical. I was driving a three-year strategic plan, and during that time we doubled the size of our team. My coaching was for a year and a half of that and was incredibly helpful.

CEO, Global Financial Technology Firm

Senior Executive Development

I made numerous changes, from creating much greater clarity about who’s on first and who’s on second. Roles and obligations of different leaders of the company. How do we delegate decision making? How do we keep one another informed? How much information is the right amount and how much is too much? I think it has really paid dividends on a measurable day-to-day basis.

Founder, Leading Music Nonprofit

Senior Executive Development

I realized my role isn’t just to do things for the CEO, but ultimately run the team to meet broader strategic expectations. That’s been a tangible difference in the way I’ve operated. I’ve tackled larger initiatives and elevated my voice to weigh in on bigger topics. Allowing my team the space to do their jobs has given me more time, and working with my mentor has allowed me to be more reflective to make a bigger impact.

SVP, Corporate Communications, Fortune 50 Global Insurer

Enterprise Transformation

Merryck was an invaluable partner.  Our respective cultures were very different and Merryck helped us understand each other better so we could quickly align as a team.  Our foundational values were well-received and helped us to start the JV with velocity.

Newco CFO