Patrick Gournay


Patrick brings 20 years of CEO experience to his clients.  His CEO tenure focused primarily on international development in a combination of high growth, restructuring and turn-around environments in 3 global companies - Arc International, The Body Shop International, and The Danone Group.

Prior to joining Merryck, Patrick served seven years as Chairman and CEO of Arc International, worldwide leader in table top glass.  He led a complete restructuring of the business, including a major workforce reduction in France, industrial investments in China and the Middle East, selling off non-core businesses and financial restructuring.

Previously, Patrick was CEO of The Body Shop International plc, a 1700 stores cosmetic business with large international presence. His leadership there helped the company achieve profitability after 10 years of losses, and regained control of key markets from franchisees while developing the Asian and Middle Eastern business.

His CEO experience started in Italy in 1988 as Administratore Delegato of Danone Italy, before the company moved him to New York as CEO of Dannon USA. In six years’ time, he doubled sales and increased profit tenfold, earning an expansion of his role to include to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina in both the dairy and water businesses.

In 2009, Patrick left Arc International and decided to leverage his experience, battle scars and wisdom on behalf of leaders facing their own new and divergent challenges. He joined Merryck & Co. in 2010 as a mentor. Patrick is passionate about international history and development. He maintains and builds his understanding of the diversity and dynamics of different cultures and civilizations through reading, movies, international conferences, traveling and participating in fair trade and development initiatives in emerging markets.