David Reimer

David Reimer

CEO, Merryck & Co. Americas

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David’s work over the past decade has included global M&A and restructuring projects with 30% of the Fortune 100, including the three largest financial services integrations of 2008-09. David most recently led the 3-year private equity turnaround of Drake Beam Morin’s (DBM) North American business.

Career History

Prior to joining Merryck & Co as Chief Executive for the Americas, David built his career leading companies from diverse sectors (from regional construction to global consulting) through various stages of growth, near-death, and industry dominance.  “Though not always in that order,” he says.  He counts himself fortunate to have been consulted by hundreds of senior leaders facing major organizational change, industry disruptions, and career crossroads.

“I have benefited tremendously from a few key mentors in my career,” David says. “Veteran leaders who didn’t need to help me, but who trusted and supported me, and who didn’t flinch from rattling my worldview – particularly at moments where the ‘standard’ business models were running aground and I needed to think more broadly.  I see my work at Merryck as a logical extension of the support others have shown me.”

From 2007 - 2010, through the heart of the financial crisis, David helped lead a 3-year turnaround under private equity ownership of Drake Beam Morin’s (DBM) North American business. Working with a tremendous team, he refocused the organization on its core, reengaged the workforce, and launched a game-changing business model quickly adopted worldwide. These efforts restored DBM’s quality to number one, doubled revenues over a 3-year period and increased EBITDA 350% – outpacing competitors’ results and significantly improving the realized exit price. 

In other leadership roles, he consulted to the three largest financial services integrations in history.  Earlier, while in Asia Pacific, David juggled a mix of wholly owned, joint venture and affiliate business units in 14 countries, which included launching wholly owned operations in China.


Making their home in Portland, Oregon, David and his wife Janelle have been married more than 20 years. They have recently exchanged all notions of aging gracefully for the delights of their two small children, Seneca and Holten.